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USA: The Best English Speaking Country? – (IB English B HL: Article Example)

Can you guess which country has 41.3 million immigrants living in the country? Or can you guess the country that regulates a minimum salary of $15,080 a year? With the high salary number, people all around the world call this country “the land where dreams come true!” That is why the United States of America is the country that many would love to go to, and love to live in. This is also why that if I were given the offer to go and live in any country around the world, I would definitely choose America instantly without having second thoughts. America is absolutely the best country to migrate to. The high salary that is paid in the country is certainly very attractive for everyone worldwide. This factor results to an amazingly diverse country with people from every area around the world from different backgrounds coming together creating a melting pot for many cultures and nationalities.

Ask anyone about money and all of them will patently say that they want to be rich. America is known as the land where dreams come true. The average minimum salary per month in the United States (which alone is higher than most other countries) is enough to make someone earn more money than they could have ever make per quarter doing the same job in their home country.  Money is the second most important cause of stress in the world, and this is the reason why many people choose to migrate to America in search of the American Dream (to live in a successfully economic life). This concept of the American Dream is so attractive that many would even smuggle themselves illegally to come and live in the United States. America is also one of the leaders in technological advancement. Many of the products that we can actually see around us is actually developed in that country because the top companies in technology around the world such as Google and Apple picked to choose their headquarters in America’s Silicon Valley. Silicon Valley is a nickname for a portion of the Northern California’s Bay Area in the United States that is home to the world’s largest high-tech companies (Wikipedia). Not only large tech-companies operate there, Silicon Valley has also helped tons of ordinary people in starting up their technology business to a big success and helping converting many of them to millionaires.

Other than America being the superpower nation, it is also one of the most diverse country around the world. Originally, America was formed and made by immigrants of many backgrounds such as the English, Spaniards, African, French and many other cultures. However, now people from different parts of the world come to America in search of the American Dream. This results in a melting pot for many different cultures and nationalities. The diversity rate in America is very comforting for an immigrant. As an Indonesian, if I had to leave my home country to migrate to another country, I do not want to feel homesick about my home country when I am abroad. This won’t be a problem when migrating to America though. In America because of the diversity I can meet other Indonesians in many places around the country. This means that I will not feel like a black sheep amongst the white sheep because I am not going to feel like I am the only foreigner in the country. I can also eat food from my home country in America because there are also some Indonesian restaurants in certain areas of America. Other than that, because of the diversity in the United States I can also meet many different people and taste many different food from around the world. What’s better is that almost everyone in the country can speak English even though they come from different backgrounds. This makes it easier for all of us to communicate to each other in the country.

Even though America is the most diverse country in the world and is the land of dreams, there are some downsides to migrating there. The word “American Dream” is actually just a concept or an idea. According to Oxford, the American Dream is defined as “The ideal that every US citizen should have an equal opportunity to achieve success and prosperity through hard work, determination, and initiative”. The American Dream is just a dream, many fail and many others succeed. There is no guarantee that you can succeed in America. However, because of the minimum wages in America is higher than many other countries, I can be quite sure that I will earn more money than what I can earn in my home country doing the same job. Everyone knows that with hard work and dedication anything is possible. One of the most famous person that actually went through this and achieved the American Dream is Robert Herjavec. Robert’s parents brought him all the way from Croatia to the United States to try to pursue the American Dream and escape poverty in their home country. Years after his arrival in the United States, he successfully created one of the biggest technology security firm in the world from scratch and is now living the American Dream.

At the end of the day I will still choose to migrate to America despite the all the negatives. The United States of America is without a doubt the best English speaking country there is. The money making possibilities that is provided there and the diversity of the people are just two of the more interesting aspects that the country has. If you add up the rich economy of the country with the diversity of people in the country together, this will undoubtedly create America as the superpower nation on earth.


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