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The Epidemic of Insecurity (IB ENGLISH B HL: Article Example)

This is an example of an article that I did to practice for my IB English B HL Paper 2 –  Section A Article (#3)

The Epidemic of Insecurity

By:James Adhitthana

With Technology growing exponentially, new innovations in technology are being developed every day. In the last decade, Information Technology has affected the world in ways like never before. With the invention of the Internet, information and ideas spread faster than ever. However, along with the rapid growth in technology the rate of people suffering from insecurity is rising fast that in our current era it becomes such an epidemic. With the new craze of the selfie, we teenagers are more concerned about our self-image than ever before. Consequently, with people’s increasing concern about their self-image, we start to find role models to look to and, therefore, celebrities or famous people in the media become role models on how people are supposed to look because of their “perfection”. However, behind the scenes Photoshop is actually what makes them look their best.

The media is an inseparable part of our lives. Without realizing it, the media has helped to form our opinions and views. Our perspective of beauty, for example, has been greatly influenced by the media. This is why many of us are currently insecure about our own looks. Many people, however, are not aware that the image of beauty portrayed by the media is not reality.

As an individual, just remember that these photos that appear on your devices of celebrities or other famous people are mostly tweaked pixels designed into someone’s idea of perfection. Do not let someone else’s opinion of what is ideal carve the framework for your own self-image! Whatever genetic mix you were handed at birth is what you’ve got. Be unique, do something different and be yourself. In short, just to be confident in yourself!

Word Count: 300

In short, just to be confident in yourself!

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