What is Malicious Software? (for beginners)

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What are viruses/worms/trojan horses/drive by downloads and all other malware? This is a brief guide for noobs/beginners. Viruses ›A harmful program designed to cause damage to a computer system ›Replicates itself ›Hides self ›Attaches to files Worms ›Virus that automatically spreads without user interaction ›Opening infected email ›Plugging flash drive Trojan Horses ››A virus that […]

ITGS Textbook: Chapter 8 (Models and Simulations) Summary/Review/Study Guide

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Computer Models Models Simplified representations of real concepts and events used to aid understanding or make predictions about outcomes without actually testing them. Computer model Computer program that creates a simplified, mathematical representation of a real world process. Involve vast numbers of highly complex calculations Often run on supercomputers Use variables and processes to create […]

ITGS Textbook: Chapter 7 (Databases) Summary/Review/Study Guide

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Databases a collection of information that has been organized in a certain way or a storage container for data Organized collection of collected data (ex: Privacy Issue) Databases: Business database, transport databases, search engines, online databases, government databases Database Management System DBMS: Software used to create, enter, edit and retrieve data in a database RDBMS: […]