EducationalEnglish B HL

Infographic: Alcohol – The Most Controversial Legal Product In The World

Infographic Rationale (IB English B: HL)

  1. Task Title
    1. Alcohol – The Most Controversial Legal Product In The World
  2. Literary Work
    1. The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie
  3. Core topics/options
    1. Core: Global issues (alcohol and alcoholism)
    2. Options: Health (effect of alcohol), customs and traditions (alcohol as a cultural drink)
  4. Purpose of task
    1. My purpose of making an infographic is to inform readers about the facts and interesting things about alcohol and alcoholism. As inspired by the novel created by Sherman Alexie which discusses deeply about alcohol and the bad things he had to face because of alcohol consumption in the community, I decided to make an infographic about the things that people need to know about alcohol.
  5. Summary of the task
    1. This infographic containing a total of 402 words compiles the facts that people need to know related to alcohol such as how it works, how it was created, important statistics and information about alcohol and also the fun facts related to alcohol.
  6. Text type appropriate
    1. An infographic quickly and effectively inform important points the reader
    2. Infographic is a fun way to spread information rather than speeches which are boring
    3. An infographic is required to show pictures/photos/diagrams (attractive visual representation)
    4. Readers would rather read an infographic (because it contains pictures and information at the same time) compared to other medias because it is usually more attractive.
  7. Length of Rationale
    1. 247 words

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