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IB ITGS HL: Internal Assessment (IA) Example [Website for Florists]

Do you need help with your ITGS High Level IA/Internal Assessment? In this post I will show you my IA that I submitted to IB, along with all of the criterions, documentations, and even the screencast! You can use this to see what a ITGS HL IA looks like and I hope this will inspire you to create your best Information Technology in a global Society (ITGS) High Level and Standard Level IA. For this IA, I created a website for my client which is a florist. The website is designed using Adobe Muse and some scripts on JavaScripts and some HTML5.

Criterion A: Initial Consultation

Criterion A: Initial Investigation

Criterion B: Analysis

Criterion C: Project Schedule

Criterion D: Design

Criterion E: Product Development

Criterion F: Feedback from client

Criterion F: Product Evaluation and Future Development

ITGS Project Screencast

8 thoughts on “IB ITGS HL: Internal Assessment (IA) Example [Website for Florists]

    1. I’m sorry but its been a while and I no longer remember how much i got for this IA.
      I checked the IB website but the site doesnt let students see the individual IA score but only the total overall score for the subject.
      Sorry 🙁

    1. We did have billing options, however we didnt have a cart system since the owner wanted to make sure that the customers contact him directly (by call/sms) to confirm their order.

    1. The development of the website itself was free since I created everything by myself and also used photos/logos/text provided by the business owner.

      However hosting the website on a server and buying the domain name cost me about $30USD.

      So to answer your question: making the website is free, but web hosting and buying the domain costs me $30USD.

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