Extended Essay (EE)ITGS HL

IB ITGS HL: Extended Essay (EE) and Viva Voce Example [Photoshop and Beauty]

Need help with your Extended Essay and Viva Voce? Are you clueless and you need an example of an EE? Well look no further! Check out my actual EE and Viva Voce that I submitted to IB! Just promise me you won’t copy it word for word okay?


This essay analyses to what extent do the images that are published in the media using Photoshop distort the reality of beauty perceived by their female readers. It focuses on the social and ethical impacts on this technology on females as the main stakeholder. This is done by analyzing case-studies and conducting a survey that looks at how the manipulated images created using Photoshop affects the perceived idea of beauty. The essay also covers the history and technical aspect of Photoshop and digital images and how the photo retoucher or graphic designers managed to use the software to manipulate images that are published in the media.

This essay explores how the media is an inseparable part of our lives. Without realizing it, the media has helped to form our opinions and views. Our perspective of beauty, for example, has been greatly influenced by the media. Many people, however, are not aware that the image of beauty portrayed by the media is not reality. Post-editing using features such as the Liquify tool and the Spot Healing Brush tool are used to create what the world perceives as beauty and perfection. The solutions on how to reduce the effects of Photoshop is also discussed.


Viva Voce:

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