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How to Spend a Summer Holiday in Europe with your Family for under £500 – (IB English B HL: Blog Post Example for Paper 2)

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How to Spend a Summer Holiday in Europe with your Family for under £500

1/27/2016  By: James Adhitthana

Did you know that you can go and get yourself a week’s holiday in Europe this summer for less than £500 per person?

I recently read an article on The Sunday Times called the 25 Summer Holidays for under £500 by Stephen Bleach. The article recommended some tips and tricks on traveling to Europe, the destinations to go to, and where to stay at for a whole week without spending too much money. This sounded too good to be true. So I called one of the travel agencies provided on the article and decided to try it out myself for my recent summer vacation.

It turns out that a summer vacation in Europe without breaking the bank is possible and a dream come true! I contacted www.cottages4you.co.uk and the agency set me up to stay in a cottage in the rustic region of Dordogne in France. What was surprising is that it only costs me £421 for a week’s stay in the cottage and I got to bring my family with me since that price is for four people. If it only costs us that much for a week just to stay there and the budget for each person is £500, this means that it leaves the four of us with £1579! This means there is a lot more to spend for shopping, doing activities, and doing other fun things. Trust me, it really makes a huge difference how having more spending money made us feel more freedom and not under pressure of being over budget.

Do you want to go to your own budget friendly vacation? It’s simple, I recommend reading this article by Stephen Bleach that I mentioned previously which lists over 25 destinations and agencies to choose from that won’t burn a hole in your pocket. However, before you go and get yourself your own budget friendly vacation, take note on the flight prices. Prices are subject to change and usually rises in the holiday season, so choose wisely.

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