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How to Make Sense of Advertisements

It seems that in the world we are currently living in advertisements are everywhere  From watching television, to checking our hand phones or devices, it seems that we cannot get by without at least looking at an advertisement. You might ask yourself and wonder why advertisements are always trying to get in and interfere with our lives. You might not know but in fact, advertisements are important to the point that it is said as “a true mirror of life, a sort of fossil history”. That means that in the future we could learn about the society and business environment from a specific era just from its advertising. It is important that something you see every day can affect our lives so deeply. If you found that interesting, read on below to see our guide on how you can understand advertisements.

Understand Advertisements are used to sell a Product

When looking at an advertisement, the first thing that you should remember is that these advertisements are usually aimed to win sales or to stimulate interest so that in the future, people will buy the product.

Understand Advertisements Aim to Stimulate Desire

Most of the advertisements you will see will contain both illustrations and text that will catch your eye and get you interested. These illustrations and texts are actually results from several hours devoted to testing and finding the right formula on how to attract people and stimulate desire.

Understand Advertisements are Selective

Advertisements usually picture the perfect world that potential consumers want to have. However these worlds that the industry is portraying are highly racist and stereotypical.


In the end, because advertisements are a carefully planned way of using illustrations and text to win sales or to stimulate interest by picturing the perfect world that potential consumers/customers want, it is important to understand and make sense of advertisements so that we will not succumb to what is being told to us.

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