English B HL

How to make a Letter? (Letter Example)

NOTE: This is an IMAGINARY letter that I created for my ENGLISH work discussing about The Kite Runner.

This is not a perfect letter but it definitely is an example of one.


[My Street Name]
[My City Name]
[My Zip Code]

[January, 20, 2016]

[Something street]
[San Fransisco]

Dear Mr. Amir

I recently read your book and I was astonished. The story of your life is very interesting! I wrote this letter to you because I am a huge fan and I admire the things that you have done in your life. I also wrote this to personally thank you because your book has inspired me to change my life.

The first thing I have to say is that I can see that early in your life you have made mistakes, especially being a silent eye-witness of a rape that happened to your own half-brother. In your book, you described it as a burden and it seems like a debt that sticks for your entire life. Frankly speaking in the early pages of the book, I was very disappointed at your actions and my views of you were very negative. However as the story progresses, I was astonished to find how your whole life has progressed and transformed you into such a great man that I highly respect.

After reading your book until the end, there is one quote that struck me which is “Life is a train. Get on board.” After reflecting on this quote, I think the purpose of this quote is to show that life isn’t easy. When we are on a train there will be many bumps and stops along the way just like l and because life goes on. This quote really relates to your life and how you do not give up even though there were difficulties that you faced and why I highly commend you.

In your book, I love it how you literally had to drop everything that is comforting and safe in America and left the country for months to help save Sohrab back in the dirty, chaotic, and unsafe city of Kabul. In your story you said how you experienced the Taliban and even got beaten up to your brink of death to help rescue Sohrab, essentially repaying your half-brother your debt. This was very inspiring to me because I have never seen anybody so dedicated that he would sacrifice himself for another person. If I was there, I would not have done the same thing which is why I applaud your actions. I also admired how just after days you have been severely injured, you dedicated all your time and money to raise Hassan’s son to be your own. You also decided to bring him to San Francisco even though it was almost impossible trying to adopt an Afghanistan child and bringing it back into the United States.


In the end, I highly admire what you have done in your book. I want to say thank you for your book as it has changed my life and motivated me to not give up.

Yours sincerely,

[James A]

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