English B HL

Cons of Internet Use amongst Teenagers – (IB English B HL: Persuasive Speech Example)

I am going to give you a challenge. Is it possible for any of you to turn off Wi-Fi and cellular data on your devices and not access the internet for the next week? Well I can’t. As a teenager myself, I find myself spending hours online from the occasional browsing to research for homework and an hour later somehow ending up on YouTube watching funny compilation videos. Ever since the internet was made public in 1990 it has revolutionized the world today. However this relatively new invention has created many problems. I hope by the end, you get to realize that this new invention can also be dangerous (even though “new” is supposed to be better).

Too much internet whether it’s gaming, social media, watching videos, or just browsing in general is not good for you. You might not believe it but too much internet use can cause addiction and leave you depressed! You know what? The average age of internet addicts are just 21. Hey that’s just a couple of years older than us! The internet may interfere with your performance in your daily life or make you fail doing simple chores or distract from work. If you just can’t stop thinking about the internet that is problematic. So stop spending too much time on 9GAG!

However, the internet is not entirely evil. I bet most of you have used the internet to help you with your homework or projects right? According to the Pew Research Center, the internet is an important feature of the learning environment for us teenagers. It acts as a study aid inside/outside the classroom. The internet has contributed to help 94% of teenagers for school research to help finish class work/projects. Am I right? I know most of you open SparkNotes on a regular basis searching for answers! However, the internet is huge meaning it also provides many distractions that could instead divert you from doing work

Overall the internet is like going to a bookstore in a mall. There are so many things to look at in the mall that at the end of the day you go home with bags of shopping and only a bag from the bookstore. This means that online there are many distractions and addiction may also occur, however you should control internet use so that it doesn’t control you instead.

Word Count: 400 words

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