Christianity: Heaven VS Hell

What does the Bible say about heaven and hell? We’ll look at what the Bible says about heaven and hell from the scriptures and verses


Question Verses Answers
What is it Like? Revelation 21:10-14

Revelation 21:18-27

Revelation 22:1-5

  • A mountain great and high
  • Glory of God like a precious jewel
  • Great, high wall made of pearl with twelve gates and twelve angels
  • Name of twelve tribes of Israel on the gates
  • Wall made of jasper, and city of pure gold
  • Foundation of walls is made of jasper, sapphire, and other stones
  • Street of Gold
  • River of water of life with the tree of life bearing twelve crops of fruit
  • No more night, but light of God
For Whom is it Prepared John 14:1-6
  • Believers of God and Jesus
  • Through Jesus believers can go to Heaven
Who will be there John 14:2

Hebrews 12:22-24

Revelation 21:27

Revelation 22:1-3

  • God the Father and Judge of All
  • Jesus the mediator of a new covenant
  • Thousands of angels
  • Spirits of righteous made perfect
  • Those whose names are written in the Lamb’s book of life
  • Throne of God and his servants
What and Who will not be there? Revelation 7:16-17

Revelation 21:4, 22-23, 25, 27

Revelation 22:3-5

  • No hunger, thirst, heat
  • No tears
  • No death, mourning, pain
  • No sun, moon, night
  • Nothing impure, shameful, deceitful
  • No curse

My Thoughts:

Heaven is like a paradise in the afterlife where believers of God and Jesus get to live in without having anything to fear for.



Question Verses Answers
What is it Like? Matthew 22:13

Mark 9:43



Revelation 20:10

Revelation 20:15

  • Cruel:
    • Tied hands and feet
    • Being thrown outside
    • darkness
    • Weeping and gnashing teeth
  • Hell’s fire never goes out.
  • Place where people suffer terribly
  • There is a deep valley between hell and heaven
  • Lake of fire and burning sulfur
  • Pain day and night forever
  • Anyone without the name in the book of life can be thrown into the lake of fire
For Whom is it Prepared Matthew 25:41
  • People under God’s curse
  • Prepared for the devil and his angels!
Who will be there Matthew 25:41


Revelation 20:10


Revelation 20:15


Revelation 21:8

  • The devil and his angels
  • People under God’s curse
  • A beast
  • False Prophet
  • Anyone without the name in the book of life
  • Anyone who is
    • unfaithful
    • dirty minded
    • murderers
    • sexually immoral
    • use witchcraft
    • worship idols
    • tells lies
What and Who will not be there Revelation 22:1-5
  • God and the lamb
  • A crystal clear river
  • Trees that grow different kinds of fruits
  • A fruit that gives lives
  • Leaves that are used for medicine
  • The Lord will be the light and there will be no darkness

My Thoughts:

Heaven is like a punishment where people suffer with no end. Anyone who is under God’s curse and anyone who does immoral acts in their current life will go to hell after initial death.

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