IB Physics SL: Internal Assessment (IA) Example [Investigating the Change in Descent Speed of a Parachute with Different Suspension Line Lengths]

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Do you need help with your Physics SL IA/Internal Assessment? In this post I will show you my IA that I submitted to IB! You can use this to see what a Physics SL IA looks like and I hope this will inspire you to create your best Physics SL IA to submit to your […]

Nuclear Reactions -James Adhitthana

Nuclear Reactions – Infographic

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What is a nuclear reaction? What is Unified Atomic Mass Unit/Mass Defect/Nuclear Fission/ Nuclear Binding Energy and nuclear power in general? Easy nuclear reaction infographic guide/review to study for your IB Physics SL/HL exams.     DID YOU KNOW? Nuclear Reactions The first induced nuclear reaction was accomplished by famous Australian physicist Ernest Rutherford, the […]

IB Physics CHAPTER 4 – OSCILLATIONS AND WAVES – Summary/Review/Study Guide

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4.1 Oscillations Nature of science: Oscillations in nature Oscillations is basically everywhere and Is very common in our daily lives without us realizing it. Hummingbird flaps its wring at frequency of 20 beats per second. Electrocardiographs are used to monitor heartbeats Stroboscopes to freeze motion in engines and motors. Practical techniques have been developed with […]